Plan P

The Lake County Indiana, N.E.C.A – I.B.E.W. Health and Benefit Plan P provides qualifying participants with a monthly credit that offsets, and in some cases, eliminates the monthly premium payments that retirees covered under the Lake County Indiana, N.E.C.A. – I.B.E.W. Health and Benefit Plan are required to make.

A participant’s monthly Plan P credit is based upon:

  1. Their age;
  2. Their earned Plan P credits;
  3. Whether or not the participant incurred a break in service or accrual break.
  4. The date of their retirement.
For participants that retire on or after July 1, 2019 and who are between the ages of:
Ages 55 – 59 Age 60 – 61 Age 62 – 64 Age 65 or older
$34.00 $46.00 $58.00 $15.00

Understanding the realities of health care costs can make retirement planning easier. To that end the Trust has estimated your earned Plan P credits as well as projected your monthly premium expense within the retirement calculator. To review your Plan P credits, click:

Under no circumstances will a participant receive a direct payment in lieu of these credits or will credits be applied to any other insurance program.

How Plan P Credits are Earned

Participants working under an agreement that requires the employer to make Plan P contributions will earn a credit based upon the following schedule:

Hours of Work Plan P Credit
Less than 200 Hours No Credit
200 Hours to 399 Hours Three-tenths (3/10)
400 Hours to 599 Hours Four-tenths (4/10)
600 Hours to 799 Hours Five-tenths (5/10)
800 Hours to 999 Hours Six-tenths (6/10)
1,000 Hours to 1,199 Hours Seven-tenths (7/10)
1,200 Hours to 1,399 Hours Eight-tenths (8/10)
1,400 Hours to 1,599 Hours Nine-tenths (9/10)
1,600 Hours or More One Full Credit

Participants working under an agreement in which an employer is not required to make Plan P contributions will not receive Plan P credits.

Further, should you be employed within another I.B.E.W. Local’s jurisdiction and that Local’s hourly Health and Welfare Funds contribution is less than that of the Lake County Indiana, N.E.C.A. – I.B.E.W. Health and Benefit Plan hourly rate, and you elect to have those monies reciprocated back to the Local 697 Health and Benefit Plan, then you will not receive any Plan P credit for that work month. Conversely, any amounts that are reciprocated to the Local 697 Health and Benefit Plan that are greater than the current Local 697 Health and Benefit Plan hourly rate in effect for that work period, will be pro-rated in order to determine the number of equivalent hours needed to establish a Plan P credit.

Plan P was established on May 28, 2001. The Plan is administered by a Board of Trustees made up of Union and Employer representatives whose powers and duties are defined in the Agreement and Declaration of Trust. These members serve without any compensation and act on behalf of you and your fellow employees in managing the Fund’s operations. The current list of Trustees is:

Union Trustees

Alec J. Davis
Felipe H. Hernandez
Joree Richards
Daniel Waldrop

Employer Trustees

Richard C. Anderson Jr.
Thomas R. Corsiglia
Edward J. Shikany
William J. Walton