“Eleven, Eleven, Eleven and…..,”

“Eleven, Eleven, Eleven and…..,”

- Nigel Tufnel

When the:

Leaves have turned, and,
Screams of touchdown are joined by the sounds of hat trick cheers and slam dunks, and,
The weather is cool enough to enjoy a “cup-of-joe” outdoors, yet still warm enough to “catch some rays,”

Can November be far behind?

The arrival of the eleventh month means that the autumn hues will soon disappear, and the holiday season will quickly be upon us.


Ok. Here you go. The federal government will provide every household with four free COVID-19 rapid tests this season! All you have to do is ask.

Why is this good? Because when the pandemic officially ended on May 11th, 2023, so did all the mandated COVID-19 related exemptions, provisions, and/or rules such as, the requirement of insurers, like the Health and Benefit Plan, to reimburse for at home COVID-19 tests.