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Signs of spring are all around us. But no finer a sign of Springs arrival exists than that of UCONN making it to the NCAA final four – AGAIN! GO HUSKIES!

In this edition, we:

Share the findings of a new study we thought fascinating about gut microbiomes.

Your Gut Microbiome

A new study in the 2024 Cell Host & Microbe Journal shows that the human gut microbiome has an interesting role in maintaining homeostasis. (By the way, homeostasis is just a fancy medical term for being in a state of being healthy and balanced.) Anyway, the microbiome is where some of the body’s good bacteria live.

ISIS-K Attacks Moscow

Another tragedy. 133 people were mowed down by machine gun fire at a concert venue in Moscow, Russia.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Russian leader, Vladmir Putin dismissed intelligence warnings from the United States about a likely ISIS-K attack on Russian soil.

New Medical Identification Cards
All Active & Early Retired Participants of the Plan.

Because Teladoc will cease being the Funds telemedicine service provider on May 1st, 2024, the Fund has taken the liberty of updating your medical identification card so as to eliminate any confusion as to what entity you are to call when you have a telemedicine, second opinion or need assistance finding a highly rated medical physician on and after May 1, 2024.

These cards are scheduled to arrive at your residence in the third and fourth week of April.

Update and Reminder of the change of the Defined Contribution Plans Record Keeper

The Fund Office is pleased to inform you that thus far the upcoming change from Vanguard to Empower is progressing as planned.

With that said, in the near future you will start to receive some notices from Empower. Please make certain that you open and read each correspondence as they contain important information and federal notices about the upcoming change and when they will occur.

Case Management vs HRA Debit Cards

Last month’s article about the Care Management benefit caused a bit of consternation amongst the loyal readers of this newsletter. It wasn’t that it was not well received or that it wasn’t informative, it was …., on both counts. But several of you made the case that another article about the misuse of the HRA debit card would have been a better choice for the simple reason that it may stop the incorrect and incessant jobsite prattle of those who have chosen to disenfranchise themselves from learning about how that benefit works.