Signs of spring are all around us. But no finer a sign of Springs arrival exists than that of UCONN making it to the NCAA final four – AGAIN! GO HUSKIES!

In this edition, we:

  • Share the findings of a new study we thought fascinating about gut microbiomes.
  • Explain how the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore could have been worse.
  • Comment on the ISIS-K attack on Moscow.
  • Remind those of the upcoming change of Telemedicine service providers.
  • Recap the upcoming record keeping platform switch from Vanguard to Empower.
  • Inform you that the Fund has “refreshed” everyone’s medical identification cards and when you should expect to receive the updated versions. And in the true spirit of spring,
  • Try to reawaken those who have slumbered in their winter of HRA debit card discontent.