Sub Fund

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (S.U.B.) Fund

If you are receiving State unemployment compensation benefits and have registered on the I.B.E.W. Local 697 out of work list, you may be eligible to receive a weekly Supplemental Unemployment Benefit.

Participants wishing to receive a S.U.B. Fund weekly benefit must complete the I.B.E.W. Local 697 S.U.B. Fund application for benefits form.

Listed below are some key details of the S.U.B. Fund you need to be aware of:

  1. The I.B.E.W. Local 697 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (S.U.B.) Fund pays a weekly benefit of up to $300.00 to participants if:
    1. They are receiving State unemployment benefits AND,
    2. They are registered on the Local 697 out-of-work list, AND,
    3. They have amassed a S.U.B. Fund benefit of $300.00 or more within your S.U.B. Fund Account.
  2. Supplemental Unemployment Benefits can continue after your state unemployment benefits are exhausted if you are still laid off; available for work and still have a S.U.B. Fund benefit balance.
  3. The S.U.B. Fund of the I.B.E.W. Local 697 requires participants to submit documentation of their state unemployment payment in order to receive their weekly benefit. Although most State Departments of Employment are paperless, they provide recipients with access to their State online unemployment payment receipt history. Participants can print out their state unemployment online receipts and submit that to the Plan as proof that they are receiving unemployment benefits.
  4. S.U.B. Fund monies are considered income by the Internal Revenue Service and as such any monies you receive will be considered taxable and you will receive a W2 form from the Fund.

Participants are encouraged to read the Summary Plan Description (SPD) Book to understand all the S.U.B. Fund benefits available to them. Please click on the SPD link on this page for the latest version of the Summary Plan Description Book. You can also contact the Fund Office at (219) 940-6181 to request that document be mailed to you.

How to Apply

Complete the “Weekly S.U.B. Fund Benefit Application” and return that along with proof that you are receiving unemployment benefits. Note that a new application must be completed and filed with the Benefits Office upon each new State unemployment benefit period.

When are S.U.B. Fund benefits paid?

Weekly S.U.B. Fund payments will be directly deposited on the Wednesday following the business week that a properly completed application and documentation verifying unemployment is received by the Fund Office.

Participants are advised that continued payment of the weekly S.U.B. Fund Benefit is not automatic. Rather, payments are based upon the participants continued eligibility to receive benefits as well as their timely submission of documentation verifying their unemployment status.