While the Local 697 Fund staff cannot offer any financial investment advice, it can nevertheless offer some non-financial guidance. To that end we believe the three assets you should continually reinvest in over your lifetime are:

  1. Meaningful relationships.
  2. Your health and,
  3. Purpose driven work.

Now, these three things will neither forestall recessionary effects on your portfolio nor, for that matter, on the economy. However, they will and can help you better cope with those things and more. Moreover, at the end of the day, what is most important?

As it relates to your Local IBEW 697 Defined Contribution Fund, we recommend that you read the Summary Plan Description Book to find out exactly how the Plan works. We also encourage all participants to attend educational seminars, read books or listen to audiobooks to become more knowledgeable. If investing is of interest to you, an enjoyable book to start off with is Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor.”

Let us know your thoughts on the book after reading it