New Medical Identification Cards
All Medicare Eligible Retired Participants of the Plan.

Hey there!

Did you really believe we would forget about our beloved Medicare eligible retired participants of our Plan?

Good news. You are also going to receive a refreshed version of your supplemental medical identification card.

We have streamlined this card in a couple of key places. They are as follows:

  • The upper right-hand side of the front of the card now clearly lists the supplemental benefits you receive from the Fund that are in addition to those of your Medicare Advantage Health Insurance program through United HealthCare.
  • The lower right-hand side of the front of the card clearly indicates to your dental service provider where and to whom they are to submit your dental claims.
  • The reverse upper left-hand side of the card now lists your dental benefit cost share.
  • The reverse lower left-hand side and lower right-hand side of the card reiterates that a Medicare Advantage insurance program is your primary insurance provider. And,
  • All contact information for Retiree First, United Healthcare, SavRx and VSP have been reverified and where applicable updated.

These cards will be arriving at your house sometime in the third and fourth week of the month of April. Upon receipt, please swap out the old cards from your wallet and purse and replace them with these newly updated medical identification cards.