We are very grateful to be in an economy where there is work to be had within our craft and trade. What is equally gratifying to report is because of the current work situation there is a considerably lower call for this benefit. What’s the end result? Participants are refiling their S.U.B. Fund balances.

Important Benefit Information for Retired Participants Who are Enrolled within the United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Program with Part D and Supplemental Coverage through SavRx

The HouseCall and Annual Wellness visit benefits that are available through your UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Plan are designed to help the most infirmed of our retired population stay on-top of their health between regular doctor visits. In other words, to help to close any “gaps” in care.


September 8th marks the opening of the 2022 NFL season. That means it’s time to get your NFL Football Pool picks in. I know, I know. You are only in a confidence pool and the only reason you play is for bragging rights. Riiiiggghhhttt! Regardless the Fund recommends making some picks right now, you know, just in case you get busy.

“Either you like Bacon, or you’re wrong”.

Over the summer, an amendment to The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act was added that essentially placed the nation’s prevailing-wage law for construction workers, The Davis-Bacon Act, under attack.

For those who are not familiar, the Davis-Bacon Act ensures that workers on federally subsidized construction jobs of $2,000 or greater to be paid no less than the wages tradesperson’s and craftsperson’s would be paid for similar work performed within their jurisdiction.


Okay, sure, at first glance, I can see why you wouldn’t be that interested in reading any further. So let me start all over and retitle this piece with a title that is a bit sassier and more thought provoking: