Important Benefit Information for Retired Participants Who are Enrolled within the United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Program with Part D and Supplemental Coverage through SavRx

The HouseCall and Annual Wellness visit benefits that are available through your UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Plan are designed to help the most infirmed of our retired population stay on-top of their health between regular doctor visits. In other words, to help to close any “gaps” in care. Which is a good thing. Equally good is the fact that this service is free to you, but nevertheless, an extremely valuable benefit to take advantage of.

Currently, we are combing through out records to identify those within this population that could greatly benefit from these services. If identified as such, you may be receiving a letter or call or both, from our dedicated Labor First advocates to speak to you more about this great service. We strongly encourage you to not only listen to them, but to also participate in these programs.