Grand Rounds

Medicare data shows that just like there are “good” hospitals and “bad” hospitals, there also exist stark differences between “good” surgeons and “bad” surgeons. Every day, surgeons with the highest complication rates are performing operations in hospitals nationwide.

Diabetic Dietician & Nutritionist Benefit

The Board recognizes that anyone who has diabetes should be working with a registered dietitian or a registered nutritionist. After-all, managing blood glucose levels requires an understanding of how to balance food, exercise, and medication. As every diabetic is aware, unhealthy eating patterns contribute to the risk of complications such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Heart Disease

As many of you know, February was American Heart Month. Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the United States, but also in the whole world. And it is just not one disease but rather encompasses a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system.


The Plan has received some very favorable feed back from members who have utilized Teledoc. For those who have shared their Teledoc experience with the Fund, we thank you for your feedback.

For those that are unfamiliar with this topic, Teledoc is the new Health and Benefit Plan telephonic medical benefit that is available to active participants and their eligible dependents as well as to retirees and their eligible dependents who do not have Medicare as their primary insurer.