Summer is here and we hope that this issue finds you embracing the warmer weather as well as some quality time with family and friends.

In the last issue, we:

  • Addressed the importance of being prepared and taking care of business,
  • Spoke to the importance of looking after your eyes (pun attended)
  • Announced the dates and times of the Health and Benefit Funds upcoming educational meetings,
  • Informed you of the upcoming reclassification of the Annuity Fund from a Money Purchase Plan and Trust to a Profit-Sharing Plan.
  • Provided you with a HIPAA “refresher”. And,
  • Reminded those that have a shortage of hours situation when they have to have their self-payments into the Fund office.

Along with another reminder about the upcoming educational meetings, this edition features a refresher as to how excess hours are being applied when calculating your Pension benefit, and a thought-provoking perspective on Money Purchase Plans and Trust loans.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this edition and hope that you enjoy the information contained within.