Electronically Submit for Shortage of Hours Payment Using a Computer, Laptop or Tablet


Notice – Our systems rely on you having a modern web browser. As such, we do not support many older versions of browsers because they could contain security vulnerabilities, which could compromise our systems. If you experience issues loading or finalizing an electronic submission, update your browser to the latest version. If you do not wish to do that, or are still experiencing problems submitting electronically, submit your request manually. See step #18.

Warning: Shortage of hours payments are issued by physical check and subsequently mailed to the Fund office. Consequently, the longer you delay submitting your request the greater the likelihood that your shortage of payment will not arrive at the Fund office on time. Besides making the appropriate adjustments for seasonality’s such as inclement weather and holidays. make certain that you provide amble time for the processing, manual issuance, and manual delivery of your shortage of hours payment.

  1. Go on to the Create portal. ( https://www.mycreatehealth.com/secure/employee/login )

  2. If you have not registered yet, register.

  3. Once registered, go to the finance section of your dashboard landing page.

  4. Within the box titled “Finances,” you will see your available HRA credit balance as well as several options. Click upon the option titled “FILE A NEW CLAIM.”

  5. Under the section titled “Service Type” select the option titles “Hour Shortage”.

  6. Under the Service Start Date section enter THE START OF THE WORK QUARTER IN WHICH THE SHORTAGE OCCURRED.

  7. Under the Service Stop Date section enter THE END OF THE WORK QUARTER IN WHICH THE SHORTAGE OCCURRED.

  8. You should see your name in the “Claimant” Field, leave it.

  9. Input the amount that you need to pay within the “Claim Amount” field.

  10. Click the “Pay provider” button. The box directly below titled “Provider Name” should auto-populate with “IBEW Local 697 Health and Benefit Plan” If so, go to step #12,

    If the provider does not auto populate with the Health and Benefit Plans information, then enter the following in their respective fields:

    • IBEW Local 697 Health and Benefit Plan
    • 7200 Mississippi Street, Suite 300
    • Merrillville,
    • IN
    • 46410
    • 2199406181
  11. Skip over the “Account Number” option. Do not enter any information there.

  12. Click “One Time Payment”

  13. Click “Next”

  14. Upload YOUR SHORTAGE OF HOURS notice by taking a picture of it AND save the picture within your files on your computer. Then click the blue browse button found on above the box with the “DRAG & DROP” in it. Find your shortage of hours picture pdf and click upon that. It should load automatically.

    NOTE: If you have an issue getting your picture to your computer, file your HRA request manually. Please be advised that the Fund office neither knows the type of system you have, nor your level of technical capabilities and is not trained in technical support. We cannot help you with this issue.

  15. Click “NEXT.”

  16. Confirm your Submission by clicking the blue submit button.

  17. If you experience systematic issues, try updating your browser.

  18. If updating your browser did not resolve the systematic issues, then either try submitting the claim through the Create app or just complete an HRA claim form and manually submit it along with the proper documentation to:

    • Create
    • PO Box 161357
    • Altamonte Springs, FL 32716
    • Or fax the properly completed form and supporting documentation to:
    • 844-791-8317 or 978-856-6612
  19. If not utilizing an electronic device, you may submit your reimbursement and/or payment request manually. Claim forms can be found on the Funds website under the section titled “HRA Claim Form. Complete the entire claim form and submitting it along with the proper supporting documentation to:

    • Create
    • PO Box 161357
    • Altamonte Springs, FL 32716
    • Or fax the properly completed form and supporting documentation to:
    • 844-791-8317 or 978-856-6612

If you need assistance, call 844-769-2738 or send an email to: