Travel Tips and Recaps

  1. When traveling outside the jurisdiction of the I.B.E.W. Local 697, you always want to make certain that the other Local is correctly and timely reciprocating the employer benefit contributions back to your home Local. One of the two quickest and easiest ways to verify if that Local is reciprocating back these contributions is to check to see if the new retirement calculator module reflects those contributions. Similar to your Vanguard account, the retirement calculator is updated each month. The second-best way to verify that the other Local reciprocated back your contributions is to go online to check the contributions which have recently been made to your Money Purchase Plan and Trust account (aka, your MPP&T account, aka your annuity account, aka your Vanguard account.)
  2. Should you find yourself working within the geographical jurisdiction of an I.B.E.W Local that has a Pension hourly contribution rate that is lower than that of the Local 697, you are reminded that those hours are pro-rated to properly calculate your Pension credits.
  3. Similarly, reciprocated hourly Health and Benefit contributions in values less than those in effect at Local 697 at the time contributions were earned, will also be pro-rated when calculating if any HRA monies are to be credited.