……. the more we realize how much more there is left to discover! For example, in the last two decades we learned that we do not understand ninety-five percent of what comprises the universe.

Our ignorance about what we know about the human body is a bit more embarrassing. Yes, despite the vast array of advanced imaging and treatments available, and a bunch of intelligent people working tirelessly for decades, much of human anatomy remains a mystery. The fact of the matter is that the human body is incredibly complex, and the unknowns still outnumber the knowns.

Those of us that are not scientists or physicians sometimes forget this. As a result, we expect our medical professionals to have all the answers to our questions, to know exactly what to do to restore our health, and/or for technology to save us.

What can we do to put the odds in our favor? What actions do we take – or not take – to preserve or even improve our health?

The Two Things You Must Do to Put the Odds in Your Favor

The good news is that of all the medical “knowns” - how to become and/or stay healthy are some of the oldest and most accessible pieces of information out there. Actually, most people are already aware of what we have to do, we just need to do it and keep doing it.

The other thing we can do is to make certain that the medical practitioners we are all utilizing are the best. The most knowledgeable of Plan participants already have put the odds in their favor by doing exactly that. How? All of those “in-the-know” participants have enrolled in and downloaded the Included Health/Grand Rounds app.

Isn’t it about time you joined their ranks?


Becoming better requires that you surround yourself with the best. Included Health/Grand Rounds will help you do that. Equally important, the Included Health/Grand Rounds benefit is absolutely free for all Active and Early Retirees to use.