The Hour Bank & MRP Program – R.I.P.

Everything comes to an end. Some endings can be pretty bittersweet. Consider last call at your favorite local dive bar, that last slice of pizza in the box, or maybe, the hour bank and MRP program coming to an end last October.

Didn’t know that? Okay, I’m just going to point out here how very sad that is to us. No, we are not passing judgement. If we were passing judgment, we would have made a comment about your fondness of Nickelback. Nope, no judgement here. Just truly troubled to learn that you and a number of other folks still think those programs still exist.

To be clear, both those programs were eliminated on October 1, 2018. They were replaced with the HRA program. The HRA is a better program as it allows active members and employee’s alike to:

  1. Amass a greater amount of monies then both those two programs together ($17,000.00 to be exact) and,
  2. To use any or all of their entire HRA balance toward allowable unpaid medical, dental and vision expenses or toward the payment of any shortage of hours premium payments.

So shed a tear for those programs if you must. But do it privately, like the way you need to listen to Nickelback.

Or, go to the Health and Benefit Funds web site and read up on this not-so-new benefit.