Sub Fund

The I.B.E.W. Local 697 Sub Fund was created in 2004 to help provide financial security to you and your family should you ever face unemployment. With that in mind, please read the Fund’s Summary Plan Description carefully.

Please make sure that the Fund Office has your current address at all times so the Trustees can update you regarding any changes in the Fund. If you have any questions about the Fund or your status, please contact the Benefits Office at (219) 845-4433 or (219) 940-6181.

How to Apply

Complete an application form and provide the Benefits Office with proof that you are receiving unemployment benefits (the online unemployment payment receipt is sufficient). Note that a new application must be filed with the Benefits Office after one year and the unemployment payments may be from the State of Indiana or any other state in which you’re entitled to draw unemployment compensation benefits.

Death Benefit

A $2,000 death benefit from the Sub Fund may be paid to your beneficiary on file in the Benefits Office if you have been an active participant for one year and your balance has reached $1,200 at one time. The beneficiary form can be found here.

Retiree Health Care

Upon your retirement, any balance remaining in the Sub Fund can only be used to pay monthly out-of-pocket premiums for retiree coverage in the Local 697 Health & Benefit Fund. The Sub Fund may automatically coordinate any payments with the Health & Benefit Fund.

If you choose not to continue with the Local 697 Health & Benefit coverage upon your retirement, or if you don’t have a qualified spouse upon your death, your account balance will revert to the Local 697 Sub Fund.