The July Newsletter Has Landed!

Hello, Hallo, Dia Dhuit, Halla & Bonjour!

Why the multi-language salutations, you ask? Well, for one, we thought it would be interesting to welcome you to this month’s newsletter in the various and predominant “tongues” of the non-native or enslaved population that comprised the thirteen colonies when the birth of our country occurred in 1776.

I know what you are thinking. “How delightfully and whimsically educational as well as sadly embarrassing” Sorry about that. But in our defense, we are a county of contradictions.


Whatever your plans are for the fourth of July, enjoy yourself. If you are part of the population that prefers to celebrate the day by setting off your own pyrotechnics, please be careful. Remember, having all your digits and appendages is generally considered a preferred state of being.

Probability & Beating the Odds

While on the subject of celebrating the birth of this great country we call home, did you ever stop and think about what the odds are to being born a United States citizen? I think if more people did, they would stop taking their citizenship and our hard-won liberties, rights and freedoms for granted.

Anyway, what do you think those odds are?

It’s 4.5%.

Which, according to science, is slightly greater than being born at all. In either context, it is a sobering and astonishing statistic to think about.

Being Born Under 50 Lucky Stars & 13 Auspicious Stripes

Now, if you were born in the United States, you were born lucky. Period.

This salient fact should not only make you want to thank your lucky stars, but also put you in total awe of your ancestor’s courage, toughness, tenacity as well as appreciative of the sacrifices they made, conditions they endured and the challenges they overcame.

But there are those that do not believe they were lucky to be born here. Those people need to travel more. Or they could just ……., leave. Believe me, they will not be missed. Now, if you are one of these people, please remember to drop us a quick note whenever you get to the place you think is better so that we know you safely arrived. Hey, just because we do not hold you in high esteem, does not mean we wish you any ill will.

Oh, one more thing. The achievement of your birth and where you were born required no effort on your part and had absolutely nothing to do with any decision you made. Fact. So please stop strutting around as if it did.

The Questions

So, will this awareness of how lucky you are:

  1. Generate within you an appreciation for what it actually took to get us to this point, good or bad, in our history?
  2. Compel you to reflect upon the fact that the United States is an experiment and cause you to recognize the accountability we all have as citizens to continue to work upon the gift of democracy that our forefathers provided us and to improve our nation as a whole.

I certainly hope so.

Laughing at Us, or With Us?

Every July 4th, I take a moment to reflect upon the following premise:

If our forebears and ancestors came back to life today and lived amongst us for a few months, how would they view us?

Each year I come to the same conclusion; they would not perceive us in a favorable light.

Yes, they would marvel at all the technological advances and how easy our lives have become in comparison to the times in which they lived. No doubt that they would also admire and be proud that the United States became the most powerful and prosperous country that the world has ever known.

Conversely, I think our descendants would be disgusted with those that consistently “bitch and moan” at every bit of discomfort and minor inconvenience that they encounter. I suspect they would also develop a disdain for all those individuals that are never accountable nor responsible for their own actions, or lack thereof.

This Is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things

I bet you know a person like the one described in the preceding paragraph. Perhaps, you know a few people like that? If so, did you ever wonder why they seldom improve over time?

I think the better question to ask is if improvement is beyond their capability? No, probably not. Is it beyond their willingness to change? That is more than likely closer to the truth.

Sadly, people like this always portray themselves as either the victim or a crusader to anyone who will listen. They seldom, if ever, accurately share with their audience their involvement in the creation of their problem or situation, let alone the facts.

Think of these individuals as a kind-of-a modern-day version of Don Quixote. Resolutely, defending their delusional beliefs of some sort of wrong doing in the face of the facts or the reality in front of them. But unlike Don Quixote, who was a well-meaning and an innocent person, these individuals are in it for themselves and only trying to “get over” at everyone else’s expense. Not so innocent.

We run into people with this mindset all the time. Instead of trying, they just complain and go on and on about how unfair it is that they have to do, read, think, act or to get involved in matters in which they are the common denominator. Interestingly, they never connect the dots enough or at all, to understand that that they are human “restrictor plates” that hold back advancement.

The Answer

The solution to this is quite simple as well as patriotic. The next time you encounter someone like that ask them to choose between being an American, or an Ameri-cant. In other words, call them out on their s**t. Just inform them to hunker down and exude some good ole’ American willpower and grit and get on with what they need to do. And, if the solution is not to their liking, tell them to suck it up and/or create one that works for everyone, not just themselves.