Did you ever notice that most people say that September is about easing back into normal activities? But, and by a show of hands – don’t you really believe that deep down, most people are terrified that they are not where they wanted to be at this time of the year and want and need a strong September in order to build up positive momentum for a robust fourth quarter?

Perhaps you think that. Perhaps not.

Now, before we go any further - the Funds newsletter is a safe space. No one here is questioning or critiquing you. Hell, we don’t care. How you choose to live is totally cool with us. However, should you possess the desire to live and act from a place of knowledge then reading these monthly newsletters will help you attain that goal. At the very minimum, reading these monthly newsletters will allow you separate the “wheat from the chaff” that you may hear on the job site.

Similar to previous months, I am providing a summary listing of the titles of the topics discussed within the prior month’s newsletter. If you have not read that newsletter, do so now. Further, and for the reason that we want you to be a wonderful conversationalist at parties we have also provided you with some interesting August news highlights from around the Globe. (Whoever said August was a slow news month?)

August Newsletter Titles

  • Demystifying the Social Security Disability Award process.
  • Your Hourly Wage Rate & Your Fringe Benefits – How They Work
  • What Gets Deducted from Your Hourly Wage
  • A Coinkidink? I Think Not!
  • A Recap of the Upcoming Improvements to the Money Purchase Plan & Trust.

Random But Interesting News from the Month of August

  • Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, was killed. Putin remains the top suspect, but not the only one!
  • The 1920 Jones Act sailed into the headlines last month. Most Americans were startled to learn of this maritime policy let alone how it affects their daily life as well as the security of the American energy sector.
  • The UAW announced that they have been unable to ratify a new contract and voted on a strike against the big three (Ford, GM & Chrysler) at the expiration of their current contract.
  • Speaking of the auto industry, production of the Hemi V8 powered Challenger and Charger seems to have ended last month. Sorry motorheads.
  • New York University School of Global Public Health and Sungkyunkway University of South Korea announced that their research found that repeated or prolong exposures to extreme heat may cause cognitive decline. Couple that with the fact that scientists already discovered years ago that heat disrupts how cells function, how proteins unfold and how molecules move, and I suspect that people will want to reconsider their retirement relocation plans.
  • Now some good news: 50 years of study, conservation and good management have paid off as Maine’s puffin colonies have grown from a few pairs to as many as 3,000 puffins. A remarkable feat when you consider the fact that these scientists had to create a puffin colony not knowing what one actually looked like and knowing that no one had ever started one before or for that matter created any kind of seabird colony before.