It took 18 tugboats, a dredger and over six days, but it got done. The “Ever Given” was finally freed from the banks of the Suez Canal this week.

What does that have to do with your HRA debit card, you ask? Well, if you are willing to admit that you understand as much about liberating golden class container ships from man-made canals as you do about how to properly use the Plan’s HRA debit card, read on! The following tutorial is for you. If, on the other hand, you are rolling your eyes after reading the preceding two sentences, you will have to look elsewhere for an apology. After all, that headline got you to read this far, did it not?

The Nine Dos and Don’ts of HRA Debit Card Usage

  1. Make certain that you have access to your profile within the Create system. If you have not already done this, do so now and while you are at it, download the Create app to your mobile phone.
  2. The HRA program is a Plan benefit and use of the HRA debit card is not a right but rather a privilege. Misuse of the HRA debit card will result in its permanent deactivation.
  3. Do not use the HRA debit card at the time of service. Remember, a participant’s coinsurance responsibility is determined after the claim is adjudicated. Any payment made prior to that coinsurance being calculated by the Plan risks being an overpayment. Which results in the participant receiving more benefits than that to which they were entitled to receive. The latter of which is not permissible under Plan.
  4. Always ask for, receive, and keep complete and itemized receipts from your medical provider, pharmacist, durable medical provider, or dentist.
  5. Within a few days of any HRA debit card use, check your account within the Create portal to see if you need to upload a receipt to substantiate your HRA debit card usage.
  6. If you lose the explanation of benefits (EOB’s) that were mailed to you, you can download the EOB’s found within the Create portal to substantiate any unconfirmed dental and medical HRA debit card usage.
  7. If you failed to keep your pharmaceutical or vision receipts and need to substantiate your HRA debit card usage for either of those services, you can download and submit the corresponding claim document found within your Create portal.
  8. If you used the HRA debit card at the time of purchase, and failed to obtain an itemized receipt to submit, and do not find a corresponding claim document within the Create portal, it means that the Plan has yet to receive the claim from your provider for adjudication.
    Should this occur, you need to obtain, from your provider, the proper and correct supporting documentation. Make sure that you submit the proper and correct documentation within sixty days from the use of the HRA debit card.
  9. Understand that any unsubstantiated HRA debit card purchases will result in your HRA debit card being temporarily frozen. If proper supporting documentation is not received within sixty calendar days from initial HRA usage, the HRA debit card will be permanently deactivated.