It’s August! The sun is still setting way after 7:00 P.M. The air is sweet. Firefly’s’ abound, and there is plenty to catch if you cast a rod and plenty growing in the garden. What could be better? In other words: It’s good to be and good to be in Indiana!

One more thing - Make sure to make the best of this month - wherever you find yourself!

Ok, in July’s newsletter, we provided:

  • The “219” on Annuity Loans,
  • A synopsis as to how Excess Hours will be accounted for within your Pension calculations in 2023 and beyond.
  • Another reminder of the upcoming Health and Benefit educational meetings.

Many thanks to those that shared their thoughts and comments about the aforementioned subjects. We are happy that you found them informative.

In this issue we demystify the approval process behind the granting or denial of a Social Security Disability Awards; briefly outline how your hourly wage is impacted by Fringe Benefits contributions; provide a breakdown of what gets deducted from your hourly wage; remind you of the upcoming educational meeting as well as recap the upcoming improvements to the Money Purchase Plan and Trust.