Kind of Blue

If the month of May were an album, I think it would be “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. Yes, I know. Upon reading that your first reaction was, “I love that album.”

Of course you do! Which makes you cool A.F.

What? That was not your first reaction? Really? That’s kind of sad. Ok then I’ll bet your first reaction was “What the??? This is a strange way to start off this month’s newsletter. But I am curious…… and I want to be cool. So, I will give it a read” Am I correct?

No? Not that either?

Anyway, that album and the month of May have a lot in common. Both are about the subtle progression between two things. Both the month and the song are atmospheric, chromatic, melodic and weave together a bit of this, and a bit of that. Symbolically speaking, both the song and the month are a doorway which leads to possibility, promise, the fresh and the new. (If you have never listened to the album, I’d invite you to do so.)

While on the subject of fresh and new, did you receive your updated medical identification cards? Yes? No? If not, give the Benefit Fund office a call and let them know and they will make sure you get one.

Speaking of subtle progressions, May 1, 2024, marked the date that the Health and Benefit Fund progressed toward a more efficient participant experience by shifting the free, 24/7 Telemedicine benefit from Teladoc to Included Health. If you have not signed up for Included Health and downloaded their app, and many of you have not, just remember:

“Tomorrow Belongs to the People Who Are Prepared Today.”

Now, as it happens, there is another progression, nay evolution, which is occurring later this month. Specifically, at 3:00 P.M. on May 28th, 2024, the transition process from Vanguard to Empower will begin. As previously communicated, this transition includes a Blackout / Freeze period that begins on the aforementioned date and ends the week of June 16th, 2024.

Before we proceed with this month’s newsletter, let’s go over what was discussed in last months. Last month we addressed:

  • The NCAA’s (Good to see the boys from back home do it again! Go Huskies!)
  • Gut microbiome.
  • The collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore and the state of Indiana.
  • The ISIS-K attack and Putin, Istanbul, Sweden, Central Asia, and the pullout of western forces in the middle east.
  • The issuance of new medical identification cards
  • A call to action to sign-up with Included Health
  • Case Management
  • The history of needing documentation for HRA card purchases.

In this month’s issue, we address the problem of listening to the wrong people, the upcoming improvement to the Defined Contribution Plan, and provide another reminder about HRA etiquette.