March. Already.

How is everyone doing with those New Year Resolutions? Are they still intact? Did you even start? Come on, be truthful.

I think you would all agree that with the exception of a few days of negative temps, this winter has been quite comfortable. We hope that the spring of 2024 is equally delightful.


The Funds February newsletter, while brief, nevertheless covered a lot of ground. From A to Z with some cosmic potpourri about the essence of time and being thrown in to keep things interesting.

In this edition, readers can dive into the updates of the coming improvements to both the Annuity Fund and Health and Benefit Fund, learn the “secret” that successful IBEW 697 journeypersons apply to grow their understanding of their Benefit Funds, and “lean-in” on the actionable item that most participants still need to do. Spoiler Alert – it’s a viable, concrete, and utterly simple action that you can accomplish in a just few minutes AND one that you need to take now in order to start moving you and your family toward a better, healthier, and secure future.

There’s more. You just have to read it to find out what those items and matters are about.

Lastly, as we enter Women’s History Month, we would like to honor the sisters of Local 697 whose trailblazing efforts inspire us every day.

Thanks for joining us this month,

Patrick Keenan