Grand Rounds

Medicare data shows that just like there are “good” hospitals and “bad” hospitals, there also exist stark differences between “good” surgeons and “bad” surgeons. Every day, surgeons with the highest complication rates are performing operations in hospitals nationwide. And yes, subpar surgeons even work at those academic medical hospitals who consider themselves amongst the best in the nation.

As a matter of fact, a considerable body of research not only indicates that some surgeons have better results than others, but also that the technical skill of practicing surgeons has a direct link to clinical outcomes. Those with greater skills were associated with fewer postoperative complications, lower rates of reoperation or readmission and shorter operations. (The later of which is important as research indicates that prolong operations increased risks of certain types of complications such as infections and venous thromboembolism.

What is Grand Rounds?

If you ever wondered if your physician or surgeon is the best of the best, Grand Rounds is a benefit you will want to take advantage of.

Simply put, Grand Round does three main things:

  1. Compares the performance data and satisfaction data of physicians and surgeons to help guide you to the top in-network doctors, specialists and surgeons. (After all, when you are facing the potential need for surgery, experience matters. The more experience with a condition or procedure a surgeon has, the better your results are likely to be.)
  2. Provides you remote second opinions from world-leading experts, and
  3. Answers any questions you may have about your medical conditions and guides you through the many decisions surrounding surgically treating a condition or about protecting your health.

When does the Grand Rounds Benefit becomes effective?

The Grand Round benefit becomes effective on July 1, 2019. But participants can sign-up now.

Who is eligible to receive this benefit?

Active participants and their eligible dependents and those covered participants and their eligible dependents who do not have Medicare as their primary insurer. Medicare primary participants are currently not covered under this benefit.

When should I use Grand Rounds?

Use Grand Rounds when:

  • You need a check-up: You need a primary care physician or specialist for an in-person visit. Grand Rounds will help you find trusted and experienced doctors within the Plans network. In the slight chance an in-network physician does not exist, Grand Rounds will help you find a trusted and experienced out of network doctor or surgeon.
  • You need an expert: You’d like quick answers to medical questions. Grand Rounds can provide you with over-the-phone guidance and support from a Grand Rounds doctor.
  • You need a hand: You’re unsure about a diagnosis, or you’ve been recommended surgery as a form of treatment. Grand Rounds can help you:
    • Find the best in-network physician or surgeon or out-of-network physician or surgeon,
    • Arrange for you to get a remote second opinion from a leading expert specializing in your area of need,
    • Book specialist appointments,
    • Gather medical records and
    • Handle a lot of details

Three quick ways to sign up.


  • Search "Grand Rounds" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Download the Grand Rounds app.
  • Enter your e-mail and password, then input your personal information to create your account.


  • Log on at
  • Enter your e-mail and password, then input your personal information to create your account.


  • Call Grand Rounds at 1-800-929-0926 to speak with a care coordinator and set up your account.


Participants that activate their Grand Rounds account by 7/31 will have a chance to WIN a Yeti Cooler! Don’t delay, set up your account today.