We all know that current refers to the flow of electricity in an electronic circuit. We also know that the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit is measured in amperes. So, here’s a question for you — or two, actually: outside of work, do you apply the theory behind these terms to any other areas of your life and why not?

The most successful of Local 697 participants do exactly this, especially when it involves learning about their benefits. These individuals flourish because they understand that the “current” of each Benefit Fund is information and that the circuitry that the information flows through is the Summary Plan Description Book (SPD), newsletters, meetings, mailings, etc.

Ask any one of them and they will inform you that similar to their fieldwork, being in control of the aforementioned “current” allows them to thrive, succeed and grow. There is no secret or mystery to it. They simply put in the work to learn their benefits. They make learning a priority and a discipline.

People, despite what you may believe, discipline is not a punishment.

Let me state that differently. Who has the worse life, someone who exercises little of no self-control, has no boundaries, no rules, is not accountable and lives in chaos, or the person who puts in the work, takes control of their lives, and who utilizes discipline as a tool to better themselves? Which of the following camps do you fall into, Camp Victim or Camp Success?

Let’s discuss resistance. In the trade, resistance restricts the flow of current, making it weaker. Resistance often works the same way when it comes time to learn. For example, should you resist putting in the work needed to learn about your benefits the weaker your understanding will be, and the less effective you will become.

By contrast, a lower resistance increases current flow. Therefore, accepting that you must apply a little discipline in order to have a better and complete understanding of the benefits being provided to you, is not only a positive thing but increases the possibility of you joining the ranks of the successful members.

Speaking of which, any successful Local 697 member will inform you that they do not resist learning about their benefits. As a matter of fact, they are in a constant state of learning. They embrace it and embrace participating for the exact reasons stated within the third paragraph of this article.