8.5% and You

Before we jump into this month’s newsletter, we need to ask you a very important question:

Did you have fun?

Yes. We’re serious. During the past 744 hours that comprised the first 8.5% of this calendar year, did you have any fun?

By chance, did you allocate any of those 44,640 minutes to areas in which you want to grow as an individual, to learn new things or to try to earnestly get healthier?

Better yet, did you spend any of those 2,678,400 seconds challenging yourself to better understand the position, opinions, and thoughts of those that may have a different perspective than you?

“Isn’t it Time?”

Time is a funny thing. Not necessarily “ha-ha” funny, but rather, peculiar funny. For example, time can’t be touched, but it can be spent, wasted, and used. It can also be fast, slow, fun, on your side or slipping away. Sometimes there is no time at all and on occasions there is time for everything.

I’ve heard that Einstein used the mysterious nature of time to pick up co-eds at Princton. Apparently, he was often overheard around the quad and in the labs dropping the line “time is an illusion” and “time and space are inextricably linked” to any girl within earshot.

Of course, he could also have been just thinking out loud. Who knows? But it is a good story and it could be true. After all, every great physicist puts theory into practice!

Now, if ole’ Albie’s notion that time and space are in some sense interchangeable, how is it then that a person can stand in a space and move outward in any direction, but a person cannot stand in time? As far as we know, a person can only move in time or with the direction of time. (The latter of which is universally thought of as forward.)


Choosing amongst alternatives

So why all the cosmic talk? Well, because when you get down to it, you can’t go backwards. You are either:

  • Being a learner and improving and growing OR regressing,
  • Being healthier OR are in a state of decline,
  • Gaining ground OR losing territory,
  • Taking care of business, OR going out of business,
  • Being a contributor and participating OR you are being stingy and selfish.
  • Being a winner or loser

Well, you get the drift ……, or could.

So who have you been during the first 8.5% of 2024? Moreover, who are you choosing to be or going to be in the next minute, hour, day or year? Will you choose to be the individual on the left side of the list above OR’s one on the right?

Time will tell….

Choose and act wisely. It is that simple. Take care of the important things and stop wasting time and wasting time making excuses.  Remember what Lao Tzu said.

“Time is a created thing. To say, “I don’t have time,” is like saying “I don’t want to.”