Pre Funded Retiree Health Care

" Plan P "

The purpose of the benefits accrued under this Plan is to offset the required self-payment under the Lake County, Indiana N.E.C.A., I.B.E.W. Health & Benefit Plan for Class 2 or Class 3 retiree health benefits.

All benefits are made in the form of a credit for retiree coverage.  No direct payment will be to you or your spouse.  No benefits will be paid if you do not qualify for the retiree coverage or if you do not elect retiree coverage.  

The Plan P was effective on May 28, 2001.  The terms of this Plan do not apply to you if you left Covered Employment prior to May 28, 2001, unless specifically provided the first benefit payment for this Plan P will be made for the month of January 2002.

Please take some time to review the Plan’s Summary Plan Description. If you’re married, share the information with your spouse.

The Trustees will continue to keep you advised of any changes in the Plan.  Please be sure that the Benefits Office has your current address at all times.

If you have any questions, you should contact the Benefits Office at (219) 845-4433 or (219) 940-6181.


Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q. What is Plan P?

A. Once you become a participant, you will begin to accrue Health & Benefit Plan P credits.  Health & Benefit Plan P credits are used to offset the self-payments for Class 2 or Class 3 retiree benefits required under the Lake County Indiana N.E.C.A., I.B.E.W. Health & Benefit Plan.

Q. What is the Plan P Benefit Rate?

* Plan P benefit for early retirees is based on retirement age and stays the same until retiree is age 65 and eligible for Medicare.

Note:  Class 2 is for retirees who are under age 65.  Class 3 is the supplement to Medicare plan for participants who are age 65 and eligible for Medicare.

The benefits shown above do not apply to any participant who retired before January 1, 2013 or who started receiving Plan P benefits of any kind prior to that date.


Q. How can I find out how many credits I have?

A. Complete and return the Request for Pension/Plan P Information Form to the Benefits Office.