Travel Tips and Recaps

When traveling outside the jurisdiction of the I.B.E.W. Local 697, you always want to make certain that the other Local is correctly and timely reciprocating the employer benefit contributions back to your home Local. One of the two quickest and easiest ways to verify if that Local is reciprocating back these contributions is to check to see if the new retirement calculator module reflects those contributions.

New Words for Classic Christmas Carols

Where’s Their App?
(Sung to the tune of Silver Bells)
You are sneezing, cough unheeding
But to work you must go
In the air there’s a feeling of sickness
Nose is running, fever rising
And in the back of your mind you hear

Where’s their number, where’s their app?
I need relief rather asap
Where’s their number, where’s their app?
I am at work and I feel like crap

Feeling clammy, in your jammies
Coughing up mucus all night
And your spouse makes a call to your doctor
No appointments, there’s no appointments
And in the back of your mind you hear.

Fun Fact and Not So Fun Fact


The VA (Veterans Administration) pays forty percent (40%) less for pharmaceutical drugs than what Medicare pays, commercial insurance carriers pay, or what your Health and Benefit Plan pays for the same drugs.


Federal law specifically prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug prices or creating its own formulary.

Heart Disease

As many of you know, February was American Heart Month. Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the United States, but also in the whole world. And it is just not one disease but rather encompasses a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system.


The Plan has received some very favorable feed back from members who have utilized Teledoc. For those who have shared their Teledoc experience with the Fund, we thank you for your feedback.

For those that are unfamiliar with this topic, Teledoc is the new Health and Benefit Plan telephonic medical benefit that is available to active participants and their eligible dependents as well as to retirees and their eligible dependents who do not have Medicare as their primary insurer.